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More Hong Kong

The thing that would surprise most people who come to visit the US from China is how clear and blue our skies and air is, and the fact that, for the most part, nobody really lives downtown in the city, but lives in separate houses and commutes. Not so with China, and nowhere is it more evident than in Hong Kong. Most people spend 40% of their income on housing, with the average income being $24,000 per year. The average family of four live in a unit that is 600 sq feet, richer families live in 1k-2k sq feet.

High rise living in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong is so big, there is no way to fit this amazing skyline into a photo. It’s a relatively small city compared to where we’ve been, only 7 million people, but it’s geographically small, consisting of a peninsula, an island, and a waterway between the two. My mom is beside herself again…Hong Kong and Shanghai were two cities that have always been on her bucket list, and she can hardly believe that she is here.

View from our Hotel

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More Shanghai

We visited Shanghai Museum on our second day. It’s so interesting to see things before the time of Christ. You just don’t ever think of what was happening in China during those times. Pottery is common to many civilizations, but porcelain/ceramic glazing were uniquely Chinese in it’s discovery. I never really thought of that, but that’s where Ming vases got their name…discovered during the Ming dynasty.

Ming Vase

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