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Opatija, Croatia

Going north, we arrive at our next stop, the beautiful seaside beach resort of Opatija. This is a popular vacation spot with seaside restaurants, charming streets, lots of boating activities, and a beautiful shoreline ready to tend to hundreds of vacationers. It’s also the hometown of our tour guide so he was very excited to share his home city with us.

Slatina Beach

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Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

We headed north on a long bus ride to this beautiful National Park. Ok…how the heck to do say it? It’s the word split without the S, and it rhymes with ceviche if that helps. I love walking in National Parks…it’s always so peaceful, and this one with its limestone granite and beautiful turquoise waters is no exception.

Plitvice Lakes National Park

It’s a maze of 16 fresh water lakes which are all interconnected in multi-level clusters, with the water dancing through the rocks which are covered with algae, minerals, and fresh water plants. It’s this unique balance of natural elements that gives the water here it’s absolutely beautiful color. You can see straight through to the bottom because the water is completely crystal clear.

Amazing water that is crystal clear

There are 91 waterfalls in this park, of which six have names. I could have come up with a little more creative ones than this tho. Their biggest one is named Veliki Slap, which means Big Waterfall in Croatian…nonetheless it’s really beautiful and super fun to walk to the bottom of it and get totally sprayed by the mist. It’s falling 255 feet.

Veliki Slap or Big Waterfalls in Croatian
In the mist
The Beautiful Blue
Falling over plant-covered travertine rocks
Walking by the falls
Lovely afternoon in the park
A well deserved treat after a long hike!

We definitely could have spent a lot more time in this beautiful National Park!!

Split, Croatia

This is our second visit to Split, and it really hasn’t changed much, except this time there are way more people! We happened to hit the city on Saint Domnio’s Day, which is by far the biggest celebration day in the city.

This holiday is dedicated this city’s patron saint, who was executed during the reign of Emperor Diocletian while he was an early Christian bishop of Roman city of Salona. It’s a kind of irony that St. Domnio is the protector of town founded by the emperor who executed him. To really rub it in, Emperor Diocletian’s mausoleum was eventually converted into the oldest cathedral in the world, dedicated to St Domnio. I’m sure the emperor must be turning over in his grave over that one.

The Split Promenade

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