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A House of a Different Color

Of the 8,000 expatriates that live in San Miguel de Allende, approximately 50% are Americans, 25% are Europeans, and 25% are from Europe and other countries. One just has to spend a few days here to see why people fall in love with the city and decide to relocate and retire here.

With a little money, people can really can live like kings and queens.    Bill Levasseur, a former advertising executive from Connecticut is one we met on our tour of private homes who has created an amazing home decorated with all the folk art true to the colors and heritage of Mexico.

A simple exterior leads to a jewel of a home inside…

House Exterior

House Exterior

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In the Garden

A short drive out of San Miguel took us to La Gruta Mineral Hot Springs. Three large pools, with additional smaller ones for children,  are filled with natural hot springs water for a muscle relaxing, therapeutic soak under trees in the lush gardens of San Miguel. You can lounge by the pools, or for those more adventurous, swim through the tunnel into the circular cave to the warmest water in the complex.  It was a great way to start the morning and ease the muscles after a couple of days of teetering on these heavily cobblestones streets.

Under banana trees

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In the Kitchen

So far, there haven’t been too many surprises when it comes to food, although I did have an amazing jicama taco, made with spicy,  sauteed prawns, crispy leek threads, and two wonderful sauces drizzled over, with a squeeze of fresh lime, all wrapped in paper thin slice of jicama. Wow, what that was a brand new way to spin a taco.

Our day was spent in a cooking class, hosted by the main chef and pastry chef from a local hotel that offers cooking lessons every day.  No doubt, we will be using dried chilis!

So many dried chilies!

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