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Two views of Rio…

Hello my friends,

There are so many facets to the diamond that is the city of Rio. We are starting today with one of the most beautiful by traveling to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain. It’s a bit tough to take a photo because it’s it’s 8am and we are facing directly into the sun. Take it from me…it’s iconic, and amazing.

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Carnival in Rio!

Carnival is synonymous with Rio. I thought it was a public celebration of crazy costumes, people dressing up with lots drinking and partying in the streets to celebrate wildly before giving it all up for lent. Well, there is a whole lot of that going on…30 blocks worth to be exact, but Carnival is actually a once a year, high intensity competition between samba schools. Think of competitive football teams that culminate in the Super Bowl and you get the idea.

Samba City

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Iguazú Falls…from the Brazil side

Hello my friends,

It’s another day to explore these mind blowing waterfalls, only this time from the Brazil side.  Yesterday, we were able to walk along the tops of the waterfalls; today, we are looking at them from across the river, and it is definitely a big WOW!

Iguazú Falls from the Brazil Side

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