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Getting soaked at Iguazú Falls…the Argentinian side

In the world of amazing waterfalls, there’s Victoria Falls in Africa, there’s Niagara Falls  between Ontario and New York, but the largest, and most mind blowing one on planet earth is Iguazú Falls, between Argentina and Brazil.  Named by the indigenous Guarani Native Americans who first lived in this area, in their native language, Iguazu means Big Water, and they weren’t kidding!

La Gargantua del Diablo (The throat of the Devil)

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What’s New Buenos Aires!

The energy and excitement of this capital city of Argentina is palpable the moment you start to drive the streets.  In this metropolis of 3 million in the city, and 11 million in the surrounding suburbs, it’s a landscape of very wide boulevards, lots of gardens, a rich cultural life and eclectic architecture that looks like Paris.

“Little Paris of South America”

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Little Switzerland in Bariloche

In the light of day, we get our first glimpse of Bariloche, Argentina.  With a population of 100,000, this little town was developed in the 1940s with an Alpine ski chalet style of architecture and is a major place for skiing, mountain trekking, and mountaineering.  When you see it, you certainly will understand why it’s called “Little Switzerland.”

Bariloche on the Lake

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