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We are finally at our last stop…another big city with lots of motor scooter traffic, and modern buildings.  What an amazing month it has been seeing so many sights and scenes that have been new experiences for us. What an incredible world that  we live in.

Here are a few parting shots from our last city in Vietnam.  I’m so glad you could travel with us on this amazing trip!

With the French having occupied Vietnam for almost 100 years, if you squint, you can see remnants of their influence in the old buildings in the French quarter.

In the French quarters

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A Beautiful Day in Ha Long Bay

The bad news is it’s an overcast day in Ha Long Bay. The good news is we are cruising down this beautiful bay on a day with weather that is only 82 degrees. This is the coolest day we have had, the first day when it’s been below 95 degrees and everyone is thrilled to have cooler weather!

This place needs little explanation. There is a serene peacefulness in floating down these waters and appreciating the beauty of this place.  There are over 2000 islands in Ha Long Bay.  It has become such a popular place to visit that boats for touring have gone from 400 to 1000 in the last few years.

Ha Long Bay tour boats

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Hue and the Forbidden City

Visiting the ancient capital of Hue is certainly stepping back in time.  The Imperial Palace is located here, the former home of the Vietnamese royal families from 1804 until the mid 1900’s.  A moat surrounded the  fortress compound where 13 Vietnamese kings over five dynasties ruled. Many of these kings had wives, consorts, and concubines, one had 104 wives and 163 children. Once the women entered the palace, they never were allowed to leave or have visitors until the king died. Like the Forbidden City in Bejing, in some respects, it became a prison for many who entered.  If you were a male, the only way you could live behind these palace walls was if you were a eunuch.

Entrance to the citadel

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