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Eagles, Otters, Bears and Whales in Sitka

In this little town of Sitka with a population of 8,000, we took a boat to explore the wildlife in the sea.  Luckily, our boat only had 20 people, so we could run back and forth to both sides to not miss any of the action.  Aboard for a three hour tour across the water, we are off to see what critters live in the Alaskan wilderness.  We were in for quite a day because there’s a lot to see here!

Out to sea

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Hana Hou…Whale Watching in Maui

My Dad had the best idea ever to send me to the University of Hawaii for summer school my junior year of college.   I’ve been in love with the Hawaiian Islands ever since.  Once you visit the islands to experience the beauty of its nature, the pounding of the ocean waves on the white sandy beach shoreline, feel the cool breeze of the tropical winds blowing through the palm trees, meet the people, experience the music and dancing, taste the food, and live in this ideallic perfect weather, you too will fall in love with the Hawaiian islands.

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