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Celebrating big in Nepal…The Dashain Festival

We happen to be here in Nepal during Dashain Festival, one of the biggest and most important ten day celebrations of the Hindu culture.    2.7 million people have driven to Kathmandu to celebrate with flowers, colors, and blessings, by flying kites, feasting on food, shopping, visiting family, and giving gifts.  There will be ten days of festivity in the courtyards of the palaces for all to celebrate.  No wonder the traffic has been so crazy!

Dashain Festival in Patan Durbar Square

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The base of the Himalayas…A Trekking Paradise

We flew 25 minutes to Pokhara in a little, tiny prop plane, holding twenty passengers, with only one seat on each side of the center aisle.  The stewardess barely had time to pass by with a tray of candy and a plastic cup of water.  The previous Gate1 travelers took 17 hours to drive to Pokhara, which may give you some idea of the infrastructure here, which needs a tremendous amount of help.  I’m very happy they decided to change it to a flight.

Buddha Air

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Village People…the Tharu Tribe

The Chitwan National Park is located next to the village of the Tharu Tribe.  Nepal is actually made up of over 40 different ethnic groups and tribes, speaking 123 languages.  This tribe has lived in this area for hundreds of years, calling themselves the people of the forest.

Ox cart ride

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