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What a beautiful and modern city this is! We got in late so we went right to sleep, but not before staring out the window at the breathtaking view. Like other fabulous cities on waterways like San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore or Honolulu, Shanghai is right up there with the best of them. Our Hyatt Hotel on The Bund seems to be in the perfect location to watch all the neon lit dinner cruise boats float along the river lined by beautifully lit buildings. This city takes great effort to make their buildings sparkle in the night sky.

Shanghai Harbor

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Floating Down the Yangtze River

We’ve been on a river boat on Yangtze River for the last three days. There are so many villages along the water’s edge. The problem is every year, during the monsoon, the river floods and wipes out complete villages. the Chinese govt decided to do a very controversial thing which was to build a dam to control the waters and prevent floods, and provide power for millions of people. The river that was once 3-6 meters is now 80 meters deep, which wiped out thousands of villages which are now beneath the water. Entire towns were relocated, including Badong, pictured here, which relocated 1.4 million people in total. The town pictured is a 20 year old relocation city, but it gives you an idea of just how crowded China is.

Relocation City

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I’ve never heard of this city before, but it is the largest city in China with a population of 33 million. Holy mackerel! Apt buildings raise up into the sky and there are blocks and blocks of identical ones that I would be confused trying to find which one was mine. Sometimes it’s just a sea of people here.  To a great extend,  this city had to be rebuilt because a lot of it was bombed by the Japanese during WWII.  Pictured here is the residence and rooftops of the first Emperor of Chingquin, Emperor Yuu.

Temple of Emperor You

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