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Medieval Sayings

It looks like our trip is coming to an end.  We hope you had a fabulous time traveling along with us on the Viking River Cruises Grand European Tour.  We saw many amazing places, learned a lot of history, and always have a greater appreciation for the planet that God made, and the grand variety of people and places on it.

What a great place to end our trip in the beautiful city from the medieval times.  I leave you with this beautiful  shot of the Old Town Square of Prague, where the buildings are hundreds of years old.

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The history of Prague goes back 1,100 years.  Like many of these cities we have visited,  this capital city was the seat of two Holy Roman Emperors and was an important city to the Hapsburgs of Austria. In the 1800s, Prague was primarily German speaking, but by the 1900s, an influx of Czechs from neighboring areas caused a switch to the Czech language.  Hitler invaded during WWII, attempting to reclaim this former German area. Two days before Germany surrendered, the Soviets came in and liberated the city, and controlled them until 1989.

The Czech Republic was dominated by Christianity in the first half of the 20 century, but now, 10% are Roman Catholic, 10% are other religions, and the other 80% are no religion. A lot of this has to do with being under Soviet rule for more than forty years where religion was outlawed.  Regardless of this fact, the Old Town has over 60 churches.  

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Budapest, Hungary

We cruised along the Danube into the city of Budapest at 10pm.   We didn’t know what to expect, but our tour guide told us it was a must to get up to the sun deck to see the city as we approached at night.  Off in the distance, the golden glow of the lit buildings began to shine in the darkness, glowing brighter with each passing minute.
Except for the gentle hum of the boat engine, all you could hear was a quiet, audible gasp from each person, awestruck by the beauty of this magnificent city as we sailed under the ten bridges…the only sound was the clicking of camera shutters from every direction.  The sound of the tour guide’s voice slowly came back into focus in the background of our minds as we realized our focus had been elsewhere.  No camera can catch the splendor  of our entrance into this stunning city.  No photo can relay the gigantic scale of these buildings as we floated by.  It was as if every building had been dipped in liquid gold….Breathtakingly beautiful!

The House of Parliment took 1000 workers 19 years to build.  It was completed in nineteen years, finished in 1904.

House of Parliment

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