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Masada & the Dead Sea

We’ve driven to a place that seems like we are in the middle of nowhere.  There is nothing for miles in any direction except sandstone plains and desert.  It is here, in the vast center of nothing at all, that King Herod built Masada, which means fortress, on the top of the plateau of this mountain.   This was one of his many hiding places to escape from his enemies who were always trying to kill him.


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Merry Christmas from Bethlehem!

As the Christmas season nears, what are the chances that we happen to be in Bethlehem?  That’s pretty powerful!

Church of the Nativity

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The Road to Calvary…Old Jerusalem

The old city of Jerusalem goes back thousands of years, but let’s start at the year 1000BC, when King Solomon, the son of King David (of David and Goliath fame) built the Temple Mount on a very special place.

The Western Wall

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