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Shopping for Bargains – Chiang Mai

Arts and Crafts are big in Chiang Mai. People flock from all over the world to experience this shoppers paradise. In America, where almost everything is made by machines, visiting places where true craftsmen work is an amazing thing to see.  Hand painted parasols is one of their specialties.


Stripping off the outer layer of bamboo

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Treasures in Chiang Rai

We started our day with a trip to the Golden Triangle of Chiang Rai. It’s the district where three countries converge.  It’s the Northern most point of Thailand, bordered by Myanmar (formerly Burma) on one edge, and Laos on the other.  Crossing borders to either country requires passports and fees.

Shopping in Chiang Rai

Shopping in Chiang Rai. They sure are big on snacks!

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Shinsaibashi and Dōtonburi – Shopping & Dining in Osaka

They said that Osaka is a shopping city, but we had no idea to what extent until we visited the Shinsaibashi and Dōtonburi districts.  Both of these areas get their name from bridges that span the canal which run along side of the shopping area, the main place for shopping and dining in Osaka. These two areas seem to criss-cross each other, with the main activity of the hive being centered at the intersection where neon billboards and signs come crashing together creating their famous, giant, landmark logos.

Shinsaibashi Shopping District

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