Heading to India

Heading to India

We are off on a journey to the ancient lands of incredible culture and history,  India and Nepal.

Journey to India and Nepal

It’s a land of four different religions, all which have existed before the time of Christ.  As you travel 125 miles in an direction, the dialect changes, with over  400 languages spoken in the country.  I guess my google translate isn’t going to help me very much here.  The cultural diversity is said to constantly shift as we move from region to region.  It will be a place of new sounds, tantalizing flavors and aromas, and flamboyant colors.  Despite these differences, they are all one, intriguing nation.

It’s a easy two hour plane ride from San Francisco to Vancouver, Canada, then a very long, fourteen hour non-stop plane ride to New Delhi, India.  We are leaving the approaching cool, breezy days of autumn, with our lovely, last moments of the Bay Area Indian Summer of 70º,  and going to the expected temperature of 98º in New Delhi with 86% humidity.  Yikes…we are not looking forward to that!

Forewarned of stomach issues from many friends who have traveled to this part of the world, we packed a bunch of Pepto Bismol, Immodium, and whatever else we could find for ailing stomachs, some toilet paper, luggage and cameras, and we are off on a new adventure to the land I only know for the Taj Mahal, chicken masala, and Slumdog Millionaire.  I hope to ride a camel or an elephant, see some colorful dancers, and walk through a temple or two.  The rest will be a surprise.   I’m sure it’s going to be interesting…come along with us!

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