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Shahpura Palace…the Magic of Blue

Hi friends,

We drove back to New Delhi yesterday, but not before winding down some crazy streets and back roads of Shahpura, bigger than a village but not quite a city.  More crazy animals in the middle of the roads on our way to a gem hidden down the alleyways.

Where do cows sleep? Wherever they want to! 

We are having lunch in another former raja’s palace turned hotel.

Shahpura Palace

Shahpura Palace – unrestored part

The government gives the raja’s families money to help in restoration to preserve their history.  That’s really amazing considering that only 6% of India’s population pays taxes.  That explains a lot about the condition of the roads!

Palace interior – a symphony of blue!

Palace wall details

The elegant Bedroom Suite

You can stay in this amazing hotel for only $180/night!

Ceiling details & our friend Don

We ate in another fabulously painted room, with another six course Indian meal.  Although it’s mainly a vegetarian country, they do make chicken and lamb dishes often for the tourists.  The food is really delicious, but it takes a little getting used to eating potatoes, peas, and vegetable stews in spicy tomato sauces for breakfast!

We are off to the airport for our next destination since it is a bit too far to drive.  I’m sure it will be full of unexpected surprises at the next stop. I can’t wait to see what’s next!!


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  1. Jean

    Amazing !!!

  2. Barb Livingston


  3. Sandra Berger

    Looks like you are enjoying it. When we were on the bus there was someone up front hanging his head out the window to direct the driver.

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