New Delhi – The dusty capital of India

New Delhi – The dusty capital of India

First of all, let me just say, it is blistering hot here.  I think my iPhone says 95°. Our tour guide says it’s the cooler time of year, because it can get to 104°.  I can’t even imagine that.

Goodness, this country is crowded.  1.3 billion people live here, second to China as the most populated.  There are 23 million people living in New Delhi, the capital, the second most populated city in the world after Tokyo.

The crowded street in Chandni Chowk

What a coincidence to be in India today…it’s a national holiday – Mahatma Ghandi’s Birthday.  The good news is traffic is lighter than usual; the bad news is most museums, shops, and many businesses are closed.  Not to worry…still plenty of things to see.

India is 80% Hindu, 14% Muslim, 3% Sikhs, and 3% Christian.  Many of their buildings reflect the faiths that have dominated the region at different periods in their history.

Gurudwara Bangladesh Sahib – a Sikh house of worship
Purify yourself in the waters

A Sikh has five outwardly requirements to their dress – a turban, never cut their facial hair, always carry a special knife, wear a special underwear, and lastly, sport their bracelet.

Part of their faith is to give to others and not expect anything in return, so many volunteer in feeding those in need.  This place is in the Guinness Book of Records for feeding 30,000 – 50,000 people per day who come.  For many, it is their only meal each day.  I’m sure if you wanted to help out, they would welcome a dishwasher or two.

Cooking lentils
Making Naan
Feeding the Needy

Our next stop was to Qutb Minar Complex, a collection of buildings monuments that became the palace for the first Sultan of Delhi.  If was first a Hindu palace, but once taken over by the Muslims, any remnants of Hinduism was destroyed.  Such are the spoils of many religious wars, but amazingly, so much remains from 1100 AD.

Qutb Minar Complex
Intricate stone carvings on the cloister columns at Quwwat ul-Islam Mosque
Mineret detailing…all made of brick
Mosque column detailing
Intricate stone details



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