Kilimamoja Lodge

Kilimamoja Lodge

There are glamour safari tent camps, and then there is a whole other level of African accommodation. Our guide did not want to boast too much for fear of getting our hopes up too high, but he ventured to say that he thought this place would probably be the best place we have ever stayed in our lives…that’s really big talk to a group of well seasoned travelers, many who have traveled all over the world.

The chanting welcoming committee -Maasai Tribe

This is the fabulous Kilimamoja Lodge. Someone with a fabulous imagination put this place together. Every detail is to perfection…the ceilings, the walls, the wall decor, the door handles, the chairs, the fabrics, the carvings, the crystal chandeliers…all done in a beautiful African motif. They didn’t miss a thing. It’s a huge place, but it only has 50 rooms. It feels very exclusive, and that resonates with you as you walk about in this place. There were 20 of us and we must have had more than 50 staff members waiting on just us, all around the hotel.

The Lobby
The Fabulous Kilimamoja Lodge

The room is so elegant with its rose-shaded chandeliers, it’s ever so high ceilings, and huge satin upholstered chairs, that you feel like one should dress for dinner. I felt dwarfed by these enormous seats, which could have doubled for those I saw in the Hearst Castle dining room…only these might have been bigger. I could stretch out both arms sideways, and still not be touching the person sitting next to me.

The Elegant Dining Room
Our Room
Bubble bath anyone?
Sterling Silver Fixtures
Showers Built for Two
Bedroom with cape buffalo adorned fireplace
Every room with a Balcony View

I have to say, the mosquito netting around the beds at night is rather romantic. I always did have a fondness for four poster beds. So far, during our entire trip, there have not been any bugs whatsoever anywhere tho! It’s the drier time of the year, so if you’re ever thinking of coming to Africa, mid July is a good time to come!

Mosquito netting with thatched roof at night

If you’re ever near Lake Manyara, make sure and visit The Kilimamoja Lodge. I think our tour guide might be right…considering all things, I believe it may be the most posh, fancy, and over the top place we’ve ever stayed. It is indeed a very special and feel so fortunate to be able to experience this place. Everyone in our group is saying “can’t we stay a little longer?!”

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