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Day: October 8, 2018

Shahpura Palace…the Magic of Blue

Hi friends,

We drove back to New Delhi yesterday, but not before winding down some crazy streets and back roads of Shahpura, bigger than a village but not quite a city.  More crazy animals in the middle of the roads on our way to a gem hidden down the alleyways.

Where do cows sleep? Wherever they want to! 

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Samode…a Village of Surprises

We traveled a couple of hours away from Jaipur to the local village of 20,000 called Samode.  We are staying at Samode Bagh, a lush garden and fountain resort which was once the summer getaway for royalty who escaped from the city to the country to relax and unwind.  Now it has been converted to a hotel.  

Lush Gardens of Samode Bagh

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