Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy

We arrive in Naples, the 3rd largest city in Italy after Rome and Milan.  Like many seaside ports, Naples built fortresses to defend herself, but not much is left as this was one of the most bombed Italian cities during WWII.  Naples is a very industrial town, a stopping off port to the primary destinations of Pompeii, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast.  Hmm…which destination should we head to?

Shoreline of Naples

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After a short walk to see a few sites within walking distance of the boat harbor, we decide to go to one of our favorite cities…Sorrento!  Coming into the port puts you at sea level where most of Sorrento is up on the cliff’s edge.  You can spend the first part of your day trying to hike to the top, or for a couple of Euros,there is a lift to take you up above.

Piazza Tasso is the main and central square, named after the famed Italian poet Torquato Tasso.  This center of town is like a spoke of a wheel, with many roads coming in, cars circling round, and then spinning off to side streets.  Restaurants on all sides make it a perfect place to dine and people watch.  Down the side streets you’ll find many gelato shops and shopping streets to satisfy all those looking for the perfect Italian souvenirs.

Wandering down the side streets is full of surprises.  There are stores for both the locals and visitors.  We found a charming place to have lunch, complete with Italian serenading and the best spaghetti and roasted clams I have ever had.  How do they make such a simple dish taste so delicious?  I certainly will be trying to see if I can make this dish once I get home.

Lots of photos of Sorrento…it’s just sooo picturesque, it’s difficult to stop the shutter of my camera!

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Sorrento doesn’t have much of beach but that hasn’t stopped them from enjoying the crystal blue waters on a sunny day.  Man made piers jut out into the water.  Nearby eateries and the picturesque vista make this place worth a visit.  Just choose a sun chair, an umbrella, and you’re set for an afternoon of relaxation, swimming, and sun.

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This is the last stop on our Adriatic Sea journey with Celebrity Cruises.  I hope you’ll join me on another adventure to a new destination on this beautiful and wonderous place we live called planet earth.  I can’t wait to discover what’s next!

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  1. Thank you for the narrative, the vivid, graphic, colorful and impressive photographs of Naples and Sorrento, one of my most favourite cities in all of Italia, Sorrento!

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