The Romance of Lake Como & Bellagio

The Romance of Lake Como & Bellagio

It was a wild and crazy drive across windy narrow roads, and a lot of twists and turns, but we finally made it from Venice to Bellagio, a little community known for it’s cobbled lanes, it’s elegant pastel colored buildings, and it’s fabulous villas on the water, as it is gently fanned by the breezes off the beautiful Lake Como.

Beautiful Bellagio

Our hotel has an incredible view, sitting right on the lake. I don’t even have to leave the room to enjoy a panoramic vista of neighboring communities across the water, easily accessible by the ferry, which sits right under my window.

Hotel du Lac
Our View from Hotel Du Lac, Bellagio, Italy
Bellagio Promenade

Bellagio is a great place to relax on the beach, sit lakefront with a glass of wine, take a boat tour across the water to a neighboring little village of Varenna or Menaggio, or just stroll down the tiny little streets and alleyways that are so charming. It’s the perfect little get-away place to just come, chill, and relax.

There are dozens of shops to get leather goods, clothing, perfumes, and soak up some of the local food in the many little restaurants. Make sure and wear some good shoes tho…there are a lot of ups and downs as you navigate the alleys.

Picturesque Alleyways
I think we found our dinner spot!
The ferry to little towns across the water

Each town has it’s own unique character and flavor. Wow, these people really live in some amazingly beautiful places!

Ferry for Menaggio
Menaggio Promenade
Wow…what a house!

As you can see, taking the Ferry across the lake is a popular thing to do. We must have hit it just right because we never had a line.

Ferry Line
Docking at Menaggio

A couple of days to just relax and unwind and we will be heading back to California. Thanks for coming along with us. We hope you’ll be following along for our next adventure soon!

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