Charming Ljubljana, Slovenia

Charming Ljubljana, Slovenia

We are in a new country, with no expectations other than knowing that Melania comes from here. That’s the extent of my Slovenia knowledge, but wow, is it a surprising city.

Charming Streets of Ljublijana

The way the city is spelled, it looks like another tongue twister, but it’s pronounced Lu-Blee-Ahna. There are two million people that live in Slovenia of which 300,000 live here in Ljubljana, the capital. It has been under the Austrian Habsburg rule since the Middle Ages until 1918. After that time, it became the Socialist Republic of Slovenia under Yugoslavia. In 1991, they became the capital of a newly formed state.

The symbol of this city is the Ljubljana Dragon which appears at the top of their tower, on their coat of arms, and on the Dragon Bridge. He stands for power, strength and greatness. He’s pretty darn cool and looks totally fierce on the four corners of their Dragon Bridge.

Dragon Bridge

Legend has it that the dragon’s tail would waive whenever a virgin or prince would pass by the bridge and then would swoop down and eat them. Eventually he was killed by Jason and the argonauts, becoming too weak to fight because there were no more virgins or princes to eat.

The Dragon’s Tail

It’s wonderful to walk in these old town areas where they create pedestrian only walkways to walk down the narrow streets flanked by these beautiful buildings which house fancy gift shops, eateries, and coffee and pastry spots. It’s so charming with all the pastel colored buildings.

Walking Old Town
Pedestrian Walkways of shops

Every Friday, the old town is packed with people for the weekly open air food fairs where all the local restaurants come out and sell street versions of their local fare. Oh my…it was just hard to decide which to pick, so we did what comes natural…just try everything!!

Friday Food Faire
Garlic and Wine Mussels and Clams

Running through the middle of the city is a peaceful river and canal where for 10 euros, you can take a leisurely ride through town. What a lovely thing to do on a sunny day like today. It’s just so peaceful!

Along the canal
On the canal

What a lovely city this is. It’s a young city with an emphasis on the University which scatters students to every part of the town. With the wonderful weather, the charm of the old town, everything within walking distance, and so many culinary options, we would certainly love to stay a little longer!

6 thoughts on “Charming Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1. Beautiful pictures and wish I could have been there to try all the food at the food fair……those wine and garlic mussels and clams looked delicious…………yummy! Continue to enjoy your vacation and be safe.

  2. A splendid job ! I enjoyed the tale of the Dragon. The Food Faire looks so yummy. I am putting my order in for the cook’s Paella right now !

  3. Absolutely charming and so enjoy your narration !! Your photos are awesome !!
    Love the story of the dragon !!

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