Buongiorno Venezia!

Buongiorno Venezia!

After a four hour drive from Varenna, we arrive in one of our favorite cities in the world…Venice!   Funny that we are here the same weekend that George Clooney is getting married.  Can you imagine the clout one must have to close down the Venice Grand Canal for your wedding party? This beautiful city is a group of islands separated by canals and linked together with bridges.  It is known for the beauty of it’s setting, it’s architecture, and it’s artworks, all so precious that the entire city is a UNESCO world heritage site, preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Rialto Bridge

No wonder so many artists use Venice as their inspiration for their paintings. Riding a gondola was such a touristy thing to do, but it certainly was fun to drift on the river, and have a gondolier sing in Italian as you float past the ancient buildings. If you’re on a cruise ship, make sure and get on deck to view the magnificent sail away.   It is truly one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  I hope you get a chance to visit some day.  We never tire of visiting this colorful city.

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Monie Thompson

6 thoughts on “Charming Ljubljana, Slovenia

  1. Beautiful pictures and wish I could have been there to try all the food at the food fair……those wine and garlic mussels and clams looked delicious…………yummy! Continue to enjoy your vacation and be safe.

  2. A splendid job ! I enjoyed the tale of the Dragon. The Food Faire looks so yummy. I am putting my order in for the cook’s Paella right now !

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