Getting soaked at Iguazú Falls…the Argentinian side

Getting soaked at Iguazú Falls…the Argentinian side

In the world of amazing waterfalls, there’s Victoria Falls in Africa, there’s Niagara Falls  between Ontario and New York, but the largest, and most mind blowing one on planet earth is Iguazú Falls, between Argentina and Brazil.  Named by the indigenous Guarani Native Americans who first lived in this area, in their native language, Iguazu means Big Water, and they weren’t kidding!

La Gargantua del Diablo (The throat of the Devil)

These amazing falls are listed now as one of the Seven Greatest Natural Wonders of the World today.  With this year’s rain, the Iguazú river is pouring out over 600,000 gallons per second.  Some years it’s six times more than that, and it 2014, there was a drought, and the falls went completely dry…hard to believe that when you see the amount of water flowing here.

The falls are in the Iguazú National Park.  Once inside, we took a train to get up to the top of the falls.  Riding through the jungle of the National forest was pretty fun because there are a lot of surprises hiding in the bushes.  There are over 2,000 species no plants and animals that live in this rain forest.  You never know which critters will be in the trees or scampering by your feet.

Capuchin Monkeys in the trees
Plush crested jay
The playful Coatis

These coatis are so adorable.  They look like raccoons with long noses. They have quite adapted to humans and have figured out that people have food.  We watched a lady put her burger and fries plate on a table, only to reach into her purse momentarily  it only took that split second for this little rascal to scale up to her table and grab her entire hamburger!  Pretty clever I’d say.

Stealing a burger
Red Dragon

The open air train feels a bit like a Disneyland ride, once you start walking in the forest, you remember you’re in one of the greatest rain forests left on planet earth.  The walkways are all flat now so it’s an easy trek to the falls.

Walking to the falls

As you hike over the Iguazu River, quietly ambling along, with turtles sunning themselves on the rocks, and birds holding their wings out to dry, nothing gives you the slightest hint of what you’re about to see except the faint rumbling sound in the distance, and the haze of a white mist rising into the air over the bushes.

Nothing prepares you for the majesty, the magic, the incredible power of hundreds of thousands of tons of fresh water thundering over these cliffs, falling 262 feet down into churning cauldron of a milky white abyss.  You’ll also see small birds that live on the side of the cliffs that swoop in and fly through the mist of the falls.  Ok…they are kinda crazy.

Just in case you were wondering, there is no way to stand at the top of these falls and stay dry.  The water and wind are against you and you are sure to look like a drowned rat if you get close enough to take photos, but what a wild ride it is!!  This is what it’s like at the top of the falls…definitely me – drowned rat looking.

We hike down the hill a bit where we are even with the falls.  There are, count ’em,  275 amazing cascading sheets of raw power for as far as your eye can see.  It’s absolutely mezmorizing and hypnotic!  You just want to stand there all day and marvel at the power, and listen to the music of the thunderous falling water.  Our tour guide had a heck-of-a-time moving us all along!

It’s an endless wall of incredible waterfalls, that go on and on…

Over 700 people a day take this wild speed ride along the bottom of the falls.  Count on you and your camera both getting completely drenched by the water spray, but it’s so much fun to cool off this way when you’re baking under the hot sun.

Wild ride in the boats
At the falls

Iguazu Falls gets over a million visitors a year.  You really will fall in love with the beauty and realize the importance of this wild rain forest.  Only 10% remains of the original, which is so vital in its role of transporting water around the world.  It’s a day of being stunned and appreciating the beauty of how God created this amazing planet.  Put this one on your bucket list.  Everyone should come and see these fascinating and breathtaking views of this unique place in our world.  Do we have to leave?!  We love this place!

4 thoughts on “Getting soaked at Iguazú Falls…the Argentinian side

  1. WOW!!! Beautiful and amazing pictures. It sure looks like and hubby are enjoying your vacation as always. Continue to enjoy your travels, wish I could be there. Hope someday I will make another trip and you guys are in it as well. You guys are so much fun and full of life. Take care and please continue sharing the pictures of your great travels and adventures.

  2. I’ve been saving all of your blogs until I had time to really sit & savor each one. These falls are absolutely amazing! And I thought Niagara Falks was impressive – they don’t touch these!

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