Gone to Hawaii…

Gone to Hawaii…

Hello everyone! Wow, the last time I was blogging, the entire world had shut down. No one was leaving their house for fear of the Covid-19 virus spreading its way around the earth. I can’t believe it’s been two long years plus since my last post.

Life on planet earth has certainly changed since then. The Omicron variant has been surging, and waning, making everyone feel a little shaky. We’ve all been living the same quarantined day over and over for almost two solid years, eating the same food, seeing a small handful of people, sleeping, and getting up the next day to repeat.

Like a whack-a-mole, we are all popping our heads out and asking “is it safe to come out yet?” Of all the places to potentially travel to, there is no state in the US except Hawaii that is requiring everyone coming in to have been fully vaccinated, boostered, or to have a Covid negative test 24 hours before crossing into its borders. It’s about as safe as we are willing to risk, so we leave behind the cold winter of the mainland and head to the land of warm, sandy beaches, cool tropical breezes blowing across the ocean, and a perfect 80° sunny climate nearly all year long kissing your skin…aloha Waikiki, Hawaii!!

Beautiful Diamond Head
Soaking up the sun on Waikiki’s Beach Walk
A local banyan tree

It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Honolulu…and wow, has it grown. Imagine the very sophisticated Fifth Avenue of New York City with every high end retailer possible, and then put it along a beach. The entire oceanfront is lined with a shoppers dream, sparkling windows and adornments enticing everyone come in and browse. Take your pick…shop til you drop, or swim and surf. What strikes as funny after being shut in for two years, is watching people dripping wet, in skimpy bikinis carrying surfboards on their heads walking in front of Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Armani.

Kalakawa Avenue – a shopper’s dream
Surfboard Parking while you shop
Morning commute
Water aerobics
Yoga class

It has been just pure joy and freedom to wander up and down the streets, feeling the energy of the people, hearing the Hawaiian music emanating from the various hotels and beach bars, and just living life.

Waikiki as the sun sets
The International Market Place

Hawaii is such a fun place to come and eat. The Hawaiian Fusion food started with the Hawaiian Chefs combining typically Asian food, blending it with the fresh local fish of the islands, and combining them with fresh coconut and tropical fruit. On the third floor of the renovated International Market Place, you can find some fabulous places to eat. Our newest find is Roy Yamaguchi’s Eating House 1849. The food is inspired by workers from Spain, Portugal, the Philippines, China, and Hawaii, who came to work on the plantations. It’s always so exciting to surprise your mouth with something unexpected and different! We rated this Plantation style Paella Rice Stew an absolute five stars! It is truly a must-have when you come to Honolulu.

Eating House 1849 – Plantation Style Paella Rice Stew

Just walking along the beach, watching all the lively activity, hearing the music, listening to the chatter and laughter of people having a good time, letting it all wash over our senses, reminds us all that we are all blessed and living a good life. Stay healthy everyone. It’s good to you’re all here and doing ok.

4 thoughts on “Gone to Hawaii…

  1. Hi, Monie and Chuck! It sounds like it was a fantastic vacation!! My Californian friend was there just a couple of weeks ago and loved it!! I´m glad you are back into your traveling world!! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Love, Ceci, Carina and Joanne.

    1. Hi Ceci…Nice to hear from you! Not traveling too much yet but trying to go out cautiously! Hugs to you and the girls!

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