Amazing Iguazú Falls…from the Brazil side

Amazing Iguazú Falls…from the Brazil side

Hello my friends,

It’s another day to explore these mind blowing waterfalls, only this time from the Brazil side.  Yesterday, we were able to walk along the tops of the waterfalls; today, we are looking at them from across the river, and it is definitely a big WOW!

Iguazú Falls from the Brazil Side

We are in front of,  right up next to, below them , on top of, along side of, in the middle of, and surrounded on all sides by them.  What an awesome power of nature with hundreds of thousands of gallons plummeting full force down around us, hearing their thunder in full stereo!

These excited fans of the waters wanted the perfect photo from the ideal spot.  In that corner of the railing, the sunlight was just right on your face, and the falls made the picture perfect background.  People were lining up by the dozens and climbing up on the railing to get that money shot, which was a bit frightening to watch…all it took was one gentle push and they would go careening over the edge to become a permanent part of the falls far below.  Yikes!  I thought it was more humorous to take a photo of all of them cramming together than to fight to get a selfie from that corner spot.  If I got in that long line to get my turn, I’d probably still be waiting…

Getting the right spot for the photo

Feeling the power of the falls!!!

We started out dry when we trekked onto the gridiron walkway which straddles you out into the middle of all of the falls.  You’ll soon learn that there is no way to stay that way though.  Standing out on the breezesway is probably the wettest place to be because you get blowback from the falls, which I soon learned, but was the best place to shoot the videos.  What I photographer won’t do for a good shot…another day of looking like another drowned rat, but oh what a fun it was!

If it’s within your traveling capability, put Iguazú Falls on your list of places to come visit.  It is one of the most impressive and amazing experiences you will have in your lifetime.  When I look back at my photos I took that day, they look OK…just ok.  Take video.  Nothing captures the movement, power, and the beauty of these falls like video.  Needless to say, we don’t want to leave this place…again.

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