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Carnival in Rio!

Carnival is synonymous with Rio. I thought it was a public celebration of crazy costumes, people dressing up with lots drinking and partying in the streets to celebrate wildly before giving it all up for lent. Well, there is a whole lot of that going on…30 blocks worth to be exact, but Carnival is actually a once a year, high intensity competition between samba schools. Think of competitive football teams that culminate in the Super Bowl and you get the idea.

Samba City

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Heading to South America

Hi friends,

We we are off to visit three cities in South America.  We will be going to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil by way of Gate1 Tours.

It was a quick flight from Oakland to LAX and then a ten hour flight to Santiago, Chile.  We arrived at 5:15am but we’re so happy that our hotel had our room available immeditely so we didn’t have to hang out in some wee hour of the morning coffee shop sleeping over a breakfast roll on a tiny table waiting for the hotel check in time.  More to come after we get some sleep!


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