Beautiful Red Sandstone of Zion National Park, Utah

Beautiful Red Sandstone of Zion National Park, Utah

We drove a couple of hours from Bryce Canyon to arrive at another beautiful National Park. We have to thank President Theodore Roosevelt for creating the US Forestry Department to preserve and protect our National Forests in the US.  Each has a natural beauty all its own.

We have spent a fair amount of time camping in Yosemite, and this place felt very familiar, yet then again very different. Donna was laughing at me because I said, ” It’s exactly the same, only completely different!”  It’s similar with a creek running through it, lots of wildlife living in the valley, tons of pine trees and foliage, wonderful hiking trails everywhere,  and huge, majestic rock formations…the main difference is here, it is all Navajo red sandstone mountains up above, with some of the most interesting patterns carved into the surface from years of wind and water erosion.

Sandstone erosion
Checkerboard mesa close-up
Sandstone with a checkerboard mesa
Driving into the Valley

This is a very popular park for rock climbing. One of the highest peaks is Angels Landing, 6,800 feet above the valley floor, named because it was so high that only angels could land there.

Feeling small next to majestic Navajo Red Sandstone
Trees growing on the sandstone rocks

The sandstone has horizontal cracks along its surface called springlines, which allow water to trickle down the face of the rock and travel across the surface, providing water to plants and trees to grow on the face of the sandstone.

Close-up of spring lines running across the sandstone surface
Hiking along the River

We wish we could spend more time here. It is magnificently beautiful. After spending a few days in these national parks, my thoughts are that everyone should to get away from the city life every once in awhile. Turn the television and the cellphones off and head outside to enjoy a little nature.  It’s serene and peaceful, full of splendor and awe, and puts you back in touch with a harmony for your spirit and soul.  We are blown away by the variety and wonder of God’s beautiful earth.

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