The 5am Farmer’s Market

The 5am Farmer’s Market

I hadn’t really seen any grocery stores in Bali and wondered how people shop for food.  On our way back to the airport at 5am, we stopped at the Ubud Market to answer my question.  Each village has their own farmer’s market, and at 4am, the are hundreds of farmers, open for business.  The streets are completely jammed with parked scooters as everyone is there buying their groceries at 5am!!  You can hardly get a car by.  The women have rush home, cook breakfast for their families, make the offerings for the morning, dress the kids in uniforms, and have everyone out the door by school time.  I was amazed how many people are out and about that early in the morning.  By 10am, they all vanish, as they pack their goods away, and this same space becomes filled completely with tourist trinkets.   You would never know any of them were ever here.

The market…opens at 4am.


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