Thanks for visiting my personal website. I work for a literary agency. I'm trained as a stage designer. I draw, paint, take still photos for fun. I also publish my own zines.

Vampire Tiki Sticker on RedBubble Close to Home Pandemic Gris Gris Issue 8 of my zine, QRK5

Vampire Tiki Sticker

I added my tiki design to the Redbubble sticker shop. The Vampire Tiki has been transposed to nearly all media I deal with. It has been a pencil sketch in my notebook, an acrylic painting (with and without the flower), a linoleum block print, a hand carved rubber stamp and now a vinyl sticker. I suppose I could render it as an oil painting or in a mosaic to expand its gamut. But for now, its simply a sticker in my shop.

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The Short List

Making a reappearance for the duration of virus lockdown.

  • On my bedside table is K2 by Patrick Meyers
  • Now playing on iTunes is Handshakes, Fist Bumps, Hugs and High Fives by Billy McCall
  • Now playing on Hulu is Palm Springs starring Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti and J.K. Simmons Directed by Max Barbakow