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Mixing old with the new – the Vedado District

By 1962, then President John F. Kennedy had implemented a full embargo against Cuba including all exports, food, medicine, and prohibiting any US company from doing business or trading with the US.  After almost sixty years, I imagined that Cuba would be a bit frozen in time, like America was thirty years ago. Much to my surprise, Cuba has moved forward, still trading with the rest of the world.  They have Hundais and Kias from trade with Korea, washing machines and refrigerators from Germany, food from Mexico and South America, and televisions from China.  Even though they only have five television stations, over 80 percent of the people buy a tv disc package for $2 which allows them to download hundreds of American tv sitcoms and news shows, so amazingly, many Cubans are quite up to date with news from America.  There are 2.1 million people living in Havana today.

Tour buses in Cuba, made in China

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Vamos a Cuba

It was an early morning rise here in Miami to get to the airport.  It’s never any fun to get up at five am on a vacation day.  There was a special counter for those who were going to Cuba. Then came lots of paperwork, passports, visas, forms to fill out before we can get on that plane.

The conversation that was buzzing among our circle of friends all expressed the same sentiment… “let’s go to Cuba before things change too much, before the effects of the sixty year US embargo vanish with the new influx of tourism,” which was rapidly spreading to the island.

My niece and her new hubby on their honeymoon in Cuba

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A House of a Different Color

Of the 8,000 expatriates that live in San Miguel de Allende, approximately 50% are Americans, 25% are Europeans, and 25% are from Europe and other countries. One just has to spend a few days here to see why people fall in love with the city and decide to relocate and retire here.

With a little money, people can really can live like kings and queens.    Bill Levasseur, a former advertising executive from Connecticut is one we met on our tour of private homes who has created an amazing home decorated with all the folk art true to the colors and heritage of Mexico.

A simple exterior leads to a jewel of a home inside…

House Exterior

House Exterior

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