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Casablanca, Morrocco

Bonjour mes Amis, (Hello my friends),

I’m writing today from the former French occupied Casablanca, so they speak Arabic and French here. I had some expectations of this place having watched Ingrid Bergman and Humphrey Bogart many times in the famous romance story which took place in this exotic locale. Sad to say, this place is nothing like the movie.

We are not far from the Sahara desert so understandably, this place is an arid, dry place in the middle of a vast wasteland. These people try to live in this barren ground, in a country devoid of natural resources. Scrambling out a life is pretty tough. The people are really poor, and live in very meager domains, but no matter how poor, everyone seems to have a satellite dish for watching tv.

One of the big attractions is the palace of the King. Only tourists are allowed to visit the grounds of the palace and even at that, we were only allowed to photograph the front entrance to the palace, and only from one corner of a sidewalk. We were forbidden to stand in the street to be able to look down the archways to see beyond the guard protected entrance.

Entrance to the Palace

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Málaga and the Beach

Hola from Spain…we sailed for 1.5 days to awaken in Málaga, Spain, the birthplace and childhood home of Pablo Picasso. this charming waterfront town must really be bustling during the summer months. There’s a long beachfront lined with palapas umbrellas framed on the other side of the street by little tapas eateries and fancy clothing stores.

The Cathedral de Málaga is absolutely specular, you would be in awe of its scale. Once inside you will feel so humble and small. It was once Moslem occupied, but is now a Catholic Church.  Done in the Renaissance style, it is something to behold.

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Waking in Savona, Italy

Buongiorno miei amici,

( good morning my friends)

We awake in beautiful Savona, Italy. Unlike American tours where everyone gets on at the first stop, and all disembark at the conclusion, this Italian cruise line is quite different in that it picks up and disembarks passengers at each stop. Savona must be their hub as it’s really busy here with many passengers joining at this spot.

What a charming little city, quite reminiscent of Monaco with its curved, palm tree lines streets along the waters edge. We ate at a tiny place and had the best linguini and clams ever, along with some great gelato.  We are off to a great start.

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