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Mykonos, Greece

This is a cute little harbor town, with boat tenders that take people from the ships to the shores ten minutes away. The streets are way too narrow for cars so it’s a walking city of lots of twists and turns of tiny shops and jewelry stores.  On this island, absolutely everything is white.

Mykonos, where everything is white.

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Istanbul, Turkey

Having zero expectations of this place, what a surprise of a city. It’s a great mix of old and new together. Its quite modern and ancient at the same time.Their history reminds me of a time where sultans wore caftans and baggy pants in the days of  the arabian nights.  It is a combination of where east meets west…eastern and western civilizations meeting at the river.

We went to the biggest indoor bazaar in the world, 4,000 shops under one roof. Yikes!! The most popular items for tourists are handmade carpets and jewelry which are all absolutely beautiful. This seems like a very wealthy city. Chuck bought me a fabulous authentic Turkish bracelet for 1 euro ($1.36 cents) and says he’s completed his duty of getting me a memorable piece of jewelry from a foreign land.

Land of Belly Dancing

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Ephesus, Kusadasi, Turkey

Two hundred thousand people lived in Ephesus including St. Peter, St. Paul, and the Virgin Mary, after the death of Jesus Christ.  St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians was likely to have been written here as well as the Gospel of John.  What you learned in church by reading the Bible suddenly comes to life as you make your way down the pathways of the streets of Ephesus.

Walking the streets of Ephesus

What remains since this time of Christ is truly remarkable to have lasted for so long.  The remnants of carvings of the columns, the marble entryways, and details in the stone shows that this must have been truly magnificent when it was a thriving city.  I cannot imagine how these intricate carvings were carved in stone, over 2,000 years ago, that also lasted through to today.  The amphitheatre here seats 25,000, with acoustics so good that a person could whisper on the stage, and still be heard from the back row of the theatre.

Celcus Library in Ephesus

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