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Moses at Mt. Nebo

According to the Bible, Moses lived to be 120 years old.  The first third of his life was spent in Egypt as the son of the Pharoah, when the Queen rescued him from a basket floating in the water.  The second third of his life was when he discovered he was a Jew and left Egypt.  The last third was when God called him to return to Egypt and free his people.  Then came the plagues, and you know the rest.  In that last third, Moses came to here, to Mt Nebo, where God showed him the Promised Land.  This was Moses’ last station in life which is why this place is so spiritual and historical.

Memorial Church to Moses built on Mt. Nebo

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Jesus is baptized in the River Jordan

We left Israel and have moved into the country of Jordan.  It’s a bit nerve wracking since our Israelis tour guide cannot travel into Jordan.  We were handed off at the border, transferring from one guide, to a Jordanian one who will guide us through the next country.  “Welcome to the safest country in the Middle East,” he says as his opening line to us.  It makes us all a little nervous because for the first time in our touring ever, we have a guide, a bus driver, and an armed guard traveling with us on the bus for the duration of our tour.  I think it’s better not to ask too many questions about why we need him, but it’s for our safety and assistance…sounds good to me.

First impression view of Jordan on the Dead Sea

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