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Baptism in the River Jordan, Nazareth, and more…

We are headed towards Jerusalem, but not without stopping off at a few famous places.  Well, it’s not exactly the exact spot where John the Baptist baptized Jesus.  Soil erosion and climate change have left a muddy place of silt with very little water in the original place.  This locale is just a little further up the very same river.  It has become a place of pilgrimage for many of the faithful believers.

The beautiful Jordan River

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Fishers of Men, Peter the Rock, and more…

Today, Saturday, is the Sabbath here in Israel.  That means no work.  The entire hotel and restaurant industry honors the Jewish laws, which means no pushing buttons for electricity.  No burning of fuels or energy of any kind.  No watching television.  No cooking.  The school and work week start on Sunday,  and go for five and a half days, letting out on Friday afternoon. Banks and government offices all close at 1PM on Friday.  Television plays cooking shows on Friday afternoon because all housewives are home cooking all day in preparation for the Sabbath, when no work of any kind is allowed.

A day of rest.

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King Herod, Cesarea, and the Sea of Galilee

Israel has always been a place of extreme conflict because of its prime location situated between Asia, Europe, Africa, and being on the sea.

Cesarea Today

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