Lobster capital of the US

Lobster capital of the US

As we leave the beautiful forest of New England, our vistas area changing drastically as we head to the rocky Atlantic Coast of Portland, Maine. Those breezy cool days of autumn are being replaced by a biting cold wind whipping across our faces, introducing us to icy gales blowing off the cold Atlantic waters. No wonder nobody swims in these waters! It’s absolutely freezing here!

This photo really says New England. It looks like a perfect movie set for an Alfred Hitchcock movie where some lonely light house keeper meets a mysterious girl, and somehow, someone gets thrown off the deck of the lighthouse and crashes on the rocks below. (See Richard Gere/Kim Basinger movie Final Analysis (1992) for perfect lighthouse murder/mystery movie!) You can’t really get the feel of this unless you see the video of the harsh blowing wind and the stormy seas!

Harsh winds of the Coast of Maine
Freezing in Maine

Even though its a bit cold here, there is one thing this part of the US is famous for, (and we all can’t wait to take advantage of this), and that is LOBSTER! These traveling companions of mine are completely obsessed with lobster, and New England has THE BEST. There is something about the cold waters here that make the lobster the sweetest of anywhere in the states.

Maine…the lobster capital of the US

Walking down the pier, we find a fabulous Italian seafood restaurant that is actually on a boat. We are really happy to find this place so we can escape the cold!

Yelp is giving Dimillo’s on the Water four stars, so we are in!

Holy mackerel, if you love seafood, put this place on your list.

Lobster thermador…yum!

I’ve never had lobster stew before…there were no carrot, celery, or peas in sight, only a sublime concoction of lobster broth, butter, cream, and the sweetest chunks of lobster meat ever. The minute I had the first bite, I was on google, looking up recipes for New England lobster stew. It is absolutely fabulous. Note to self…must make when I get home!

Does this make your mouth water?! Lobster stew…
Simple pleasures…a bowl of lobster stew all to myself!!
Fresh fish sandwich and lobster pasta! Totally yummy!!

Nothing puts a smile on your face as big as a really delicious meal, and I have to say, this was a really great one. With our tummies fat and happy, we continue down the road, passing through the cute seaside town of Kennebunk. One of the most photographed houses here is this one, built by a sea captain who fell in love with architecture he saw in Milan, Italy. He built his home, and a carriage house in the style he loved.

The Wedding Cake House, Kennebunk, ME
Kennybunk…a little touristy town of gift shops and eateries

A little further along, we get to Kennebunkport, the same town, distinctly named for the homes close to the waters edge. It’s a neighborhood for the extremely wealthy. You might recognize the name of this place because it is where the George Bush family has their summer compound. It’s on a point that juts out into the ocean, surrounded by water on all sides. The Bush family has owned it for more than 100 years. Wow…that’s pretty rich.

The Bush Family Compound
The Bush Family Main House

We are overnighting in the town of Ogunquit, a beautiful oceanside resort on the coast. A walk through the downtown, and the shoreline gives us a feeling of what it must be like to live along the Atlantic. One big clue…all the stores and small restaurants are closing for the season. Tonight is the last night they will be open until Spring. Can you imagine?! Closed til Spring!!

A rare find…open year round!

Maybe this is why people only stay during the summer months…I think it’s going to get very cold here!!

Brrr…..the coastline of Ogunquin, Maine…the cold is coming!

These fabulous beaches do make you wonder what it is like here in the summertime!

The last of sunshine until next Spring!
The best lobster is in Maine! That’s for sure!

Our New England trip has ended, but not before we hit one more wonderful city on the way home. At the airport, we find one more restaurant before boarding the plane. Guess what these three want to eat!?

Which one of these people ate 7 lobsters in 9 days!?

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