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Month: February 2017


Mama’s Fish House…a fabulous place to dine

There is no shortage of wonderful restaurants in Maui to experience the food which has come to characterize the cuisine of the Hawaiian islands.  In the early 1990’s, a group of twelve chefs developed what they came to call the Hawaiian fusion style.  It draws from the foods that are locally available, fresh seafood, beef, and tropical fruits, and is a fusion of other ethnic influences…imagine mixing pesto sauce with mangos and pineapple, or black bean sauce with papayas and coconut.  The result is  a culinary delight that is beautifully presented and fabulously delicious, and has made the Hawaiian chefs some of the most famous in the world….and there is no better place to experience this wonderful food than at Mama’s Fish House.

Mama’s Fish House

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Hana Hou…Whale Watching in Maui

My Dad had the best idea ever to send me to the University of Hawaii for summer school my junior year of college.   I’ve been in love with the Hawaiian Islands ever since.  Once you visit the islands to experience the beauty of its nature, the pounding of the ocean waves on the white sandy beach shoreline, feel the cool breeze of the tropical winds blowing through the palm trees, meet the people, experience the music and dancing, taste the food, and live in this ideallic perfect weather, you too will fall in love with the Hawaiian islands.

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