I became aware of Montenegro while watching Daniel Craig’s turn as James Bond in his movie Casino Royale,  so I was very excited to visit this city.  It is located up one of the most indented fjords of the Adriatic Sea which ends right at the center of the town.  With it’s charming homes along the waterfront, its perfect weather, its natural beauty, and its historic old town, it could not be more scenic and captivating which may be why it is so popular with tourists these days.

Kotor has one of the best preserved medieval old towns in the Adriatic, recognized a s a UNESCO world heritage site.  The ancient walls around Kotor were built during the Middle Ages, constructed in 1420.  It was part of the Venetian Republic for four centuries, giving the city its characteristic Venetian architectural look.  The ancient walls stretch for three miles up, directly above the city.

Entrance to the old town

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