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A Little Village – Varenna

We’ve travelled to the European continent and find ourselves in a small little village in the town of Varenna, Italy on beautiful Lago di Como. This little town is only about a mile long, most consisting of restaurants, hotels,  and high end exclusive homes, all along the water. Life is quiet here, and people come to relax and unwind by the lake, swim in the cool crystal waters, and enjoy boating. The lake is not very wide, which makes it oh so nice to look across at all the cute little other lakeside towns, but it’s long, so there are many car ferries taking autos from one side to the other.

Hotel Royal Victoria, where we are staying, in right in the center of town next to the village’s charming church, which chimes the dawn of the day at 6am with its ancient bells resonating through the town.  Our room overlooks the lake and is a perfect spot to enjoy the serenity and color of this place.

Center of town with our hotel on the right

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Raiders of the lost ark…

Today was a visit to the British Museum of London.  The nice thing is public museums in London are free.  Of course they charge you for the audio listening devices which guide you around the massive amount do exhibits, but you’d be lost in history without them.

British Museum of London

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Mary Poppins and the chimneys

It’s fun listening to the Brits talk. The men sound like Dick Van Dyke when he played the part of the chimney sweep in Mary Poppins.   We have seen so many chimneys on rooftops, one for each flat below. No wonder chimney sweeping was a big job for  the English when they used to burn coal and wood.   Everybody has them, and you can see hundreds of thousands of these against the sky. Apparently  they passed a clean air chimney act awhile ago and now they are no longer in use, many having been replaced in the flats with artificial fireplaces.

Chim Chim Cherroo, good luck will rub off when I shakes hands with you...

Chim Chim Cherroo, good luck will rub off when I shakes hands with you…

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