Saving the best for last…can’t say enough nice things about Barcelona. If you’ve never been, I’d put it on your bucket list. It’s is a modern, clean city with all the advantages yet has so much of the old world charm in its beautifully maintained buildings and architecture.

If you haven’t really experienced tapas, this is the place to have small plates of food and make a meal of them. I have to say, the food here REALLY special – simply grilled seafood with olive oil, garlic, parsley, and a little salt for the most part, and use that treatment on all kinds of seafood, vegetables, meats.

The Boqueria food market has to be one of biggest marketplaces of separate food stalls operating under one roof selling absolutely everything imaginable. If I lived here, I would shop here everyday. I have to say, it’s hard to get me out of this place. It is so colorful, fresh, and memorizing to be in the marketplace. I know you’ll get hooked on these fresh fruit smoothies too.

Fresh fruit at the Boqueria

The city belongs to their favorite son, Antoni Gaudi…architect extraordinaire. His work is visible throughout the city, in houses, the park, apartment buildings, and of course, the Segrada de Familia, his most famous church. Construction started in 1882. Every time I see it (3rd time – lucky me!) a different part is covered up, and they are working on a new section.

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Being a very devout Catholic, Gaudi really emphasized two most notable moments in the life of Jesus. The front of the church features the stations of the cross, showing the story of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross for mankind (Easter)…

Front entrance – La Segrada Familia

The back of the church illustrates the birth of Christ and all aspects of the nativity (Christmas). To see this church in person is to truly be in the presence of genius…it is amazing and unforgettable. It’s slated to be completed in 2026.

That’s it this trip. I hope you enjoyed seeing this corner of the world with us!

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