Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

Two days in Barcelona is just not enough. What a bustling city full of life with so much to see! There are so many piazzas closed off to traffic for people to hang out, eat, and people watch. Tapas restaurants, which serve little appetizers to make up an entire meal,  are a main staple here, and thanks to an article my mom found in Diablo Magazine, we found some incredible ones…thanks Mom!  Without a doubt, the best seafood we’ve had on this trip. They have a secret to seafood preparation better than any I’ve ever eaten in the states.

Assorted mushrooms at the tapas counter in the Boqueria

Another big surprise was discovering the Boqueria, the largest food market we’ve ever seen in the world.  I was totally mezmorized by the vast array of offerings as well as how beautifully presented it all is.   It’s the size of an airplane hanger, filled with food stalls, each specializing in meats, fruit, candy, nuts, etc. The seafood is so fresh that the fish are still talking, the crabs are still clawing, and the lobsters are still fanning their tails. I took this pic of them setting up at 6am, as I’m heading out of town. These people really know how to eat and enjoy life!!

Amazing smoothies in the Boqueria

This city really showcases the work on Antoni Gaudi, who’s architecture is on display all over the city.  His genius shows in many of the buildings and parks around the town.  The famous La Segrada de Familia church is one of the wonders of the world which takes architecture and design to a completely one of a kind level.  It is definitely a must see when you come to Barcelona.  Make sure and get tickets to go inside on the internet before you come.  The line sometimes goes around the block and you could easily be waiting for hours to get in depending on the time of the year you come to visit.

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