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Month: September 2010

Mallorca, Spain

Mallorca is a beautiful beach resort island with blocks of designer shopping and rows and rows of multi-million dollar yachts, even more than in Monte Carlo. Chuck has a business friend who lives here, so were getting a taste of the spanish way of life…dinner reservations were for 10pm (the restaurant didn’t even open til 8pm), dessert at midnight, and after dinner drinks til 2am. Holy cow. That was a bit difficult to do since we got up at 6am that morning for our flight to come here. I asked Chuck’s friend, Larry,  wife how they do these late hours.  She said that people here say “is it true that Americans work straight through the day without a siesta break?” They really do start work here around 10am, break for 3 hours from 1pm to 4pm for siesta, and then resume work from 4 to 8pm.

Beach in Mallorca

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Barcelona, Spain

Two days in Barcelona is just not enough. What a bustling city full of life with so much to see! There are so many piazzas closed off to traffic for people to hang out, eat, and people watch. Tapas restaurants, which serve little appetizers to make up an entire meal,  are a main staple here, and thanks to an article my mom found in Diablo Magazine, we found some incredible ones…thanks Mom!  Without a doubt, the best seafood we’ve had on this trip. They have a secret to seafood preparation better than any I’ve ever eaten in the states.

Assorted mushrooms at the tapas counter in the Boqueria

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Monte Carlo, Monaco

We all know of this tiny principality where the actress Grace Kelly gave up her Hollywood career to become the Princess  when she married Prince Rainer of Monaco.   This extremely wealthy city became her home.  The entire community looks like it was frosted by a baker who thought all the buildings were petit fours. It feels like you’re living inside a pastel colored wedding cake. The buildings are so perfectly restored and beautifully decorated with angels and scrolled metal balconies.  It’s all so clean as if every building had been power washed the day before.

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