Beautiful Venice

Beautiful Venice

Hello from beautiful Venice!! This is such a magical place but no picture can capture the splendor of this fantasy city of small islands linked by canals and bridges.   I would have liked to stay longer in this picturesque place renowned for the beauty of it’s settings, the architecture, and it’s art.  It’s a place full of shops for souvenirs, jewelry, hand blown glass, masks, and art.  You can walk many streets, but most get around in a water taxi.

Everywhere you turn, it’s just a beautiful site…

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On the ship now. Two days at sea before hitting Athens, the first stop.  The say on the ship that their very favorite city to sail away from is Venice.  With Andrea Bocelli”s voice, projecting from the outdoor speakers of the ship, I cannot agree more that gliding along the coastline of  Venice was truly spectacular.  It is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Cruising is a strange phenomenon. I feel like I’m outside observing the experience and haven’t really come to grips with the fact that l’m in this strange world along with all these other people who are sharing your vacation with you.  The ship is an extravagance that’s difficult to comprehend. Everywhere you turn there is a pool, a band, a theatre production, a karaoke contest, outdoor movies showing avatar today,while you swim in the pool, a nightclub, a casino, a demonstration, a class, all operating 24/7.  But hey…it’s my first time being on a moving city.

The food is all beautifully presented, with no limit to how much you can have, and it is also available 24/7. Everywhere you turn, there is food, food, food. When you’re in the pool, there is all you can eat pizza and ice cream, and cookies and milk from servers that come around without even leaving your lounge chair. This is going to be the most difficult part of the trip, because its all so good.

The waiters have to be fluent in many languages…many speak Italian, Spanish, French, and German.  It’s going to be a fun experience!!

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